Mozzo automatically summarizes email communications between your organization and its customers. MozzoReports consoli...

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Mozzo combines voice-to-text technology with its powerful engine to extract the useful and relevant information from a recorded call. ...

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Mozzo analyzes both closed and open-ended questions to deliver real-time assessments based on survey data. Mozzo accurately and effici...

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Mozzo analyzes news sites and social media forums and identifies the important topics and influential people. Mozzo spots trends, issu...

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Our Case Studies

Figure thumb for Twitter Case Study
Twitter Case Study

Hashtags are ambiguous

The Problem

Although Twitter hash tags are applied manually, they are ambiguous, making it difficult to find relevant tweets. Choosing the hash tag which is...

Figure thumb for Email & Social Media
Email & Social Media

Conversations meaningfully organized

The Problem

A small web development shop came to Mozzo after trying every project management solution on the market. With each and every solution they ultimately experienced the same problem…their cl...

Figure thumb for Behavioral Assessment
Behavioral Assessment

Sentiment analysis automated

The Problem

The Leading Element, an executive coaching and leadership development firm, administers 360-degree-feedback assessments on behalf of its clients, for the purpose of evaluating staff perfo...

Figure thumb for Call Centers
Call Centers

Information bottlenecks eliminated

The Problem

A major medical device company has 80+ Customer Service Reps and hundreds of products.

One of their biggest clients purchases 15 defective units of a product. The client contacts ...