The Problem

The Leading Element, an executive coaching and leadership development firm, administers 360-degree-feedback assessments on behalf of its clients, for the purpose of evaluating staff performance and emotional intelligence. Survey-based assessments, however, involve many people and are very time consuming. Typically they are only administered once a year, making it difficult to track performance over time.

Enter Mozzo Analytics

The Leading Element is collaborating with Mozzo Analytics to automate behavioral assessment of internal communications. Their system will apply survey techniques to daily communication channels, including: e-mail, voice-over-IP (converted to text) and instant messaging to implement near real-time querying of communication data. They will be able to produce robust behavioral staff profiles for their clients and eliminate the need for tedious annual 360-feedback assessments. Mozzo will improve The Leading Element’s standard assessment with sentiment analysis, giving them insight into the attitudes (positive or negative) of the individuals and organizations participating in the assessment.