The Problem

A small web development shop came to Mozzo after trying every project management solution on the market. With each and every solution they ultimately experienced the same problem…their clients refused to use it. They always found themselves going back to email as their primary form of communication with their clients. If only they could find a project management solution that integrated seamlessly with email.

Enter Mozzo Analytics

Email remains the collaborative tool of choice. It is full of personally actionable information that you regularly need to locate and send. The most important information, however, quickly becomes buried in the depths of your inbox and sent mail. Our data suggests that of all the people you cross paths with via email, you only really communicate with around 12% of them. Furthermore, 50% of your email is exchanged with this 12%!

Mozzo’s Week in Email gives power users an at-a-glance overview of their email. What does their email traffic look like? How much of it is really relevant to them? How do their email habits this week compare to previous weeks, as well as, a typical week? With whom are they connecting via email? And how many degrees of separation are there between them and the rest of the emailing world?

Mozzo Analytics setup a Day in Email for the web development shop. Each team member received a daily digest of their own personal email activity as well as a daily summary of the shop’s email correspondence. They found they were quickly able to identify new requests and outstanding issues and, because they could see what their teammates were doing as well, they could quickly lend a hand if a teammate was overwhelmed with requests or out sick one day.