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Under the Hood

The value of any given social interaction is a function of the implicit relationships and conversations buried in the stream. An incoming email isn’t important simply because it was the most recent to arrive. It is important because of your relationship with the sender and your interest in the content of the message.

Social diamgram figure
Mozzo leverages deep insight into behavior, empowering a new generation of business applications.

The most useful interface to your social universe is not a view of the stream, but an organized view of these relationships and conversations. With this in mind, we have pushed the envelope for solving text-based, “big data” problems well beyond anything currently on the market. We have merged our deep understanding of social cognitive behavior and linguistic content analysis to create bottom-up, emergent understanding of large, unbounded data. In short, we turn text into information, and then we make it smart enough to meaningfully organize itself.

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.

Henry Ford

Turning Data into Dollars

The proliferation of unstructured data has created an unprecedented demand for automated solutions. Email alone accounts for 2 Billion users worldwide. That’s 100 trillion messages annually. It is humanly impossible to keep up with such a deluge of data. Much of the content in this deluge is not even relevant to the user (i.e. Spam). All interactions are jumbled together under the assumption that immediacy equals relevance. In essence, everything is thrown on top of the pile as it arrives.

Companies are spending 10’s of billions of dollars trying to make sense of “big data”. Current solutions only tap into 10% of their data, the structured part. And do NOT leverage the other 90%. Companies are attempting to work around this by manually entering information into these systems in a structured format, but this is BOTH costly AND unreliable. Mozzo increases revenue by analyzing ALL of the data and eliminating the cost of manual data entry.